Monday, June 28, 2010

where the streets have no names

 Getting back into shape after having a baby is difficult, even more so when you already have a toddler. You find that mac n cheese and pb and j's are a staple in your daily gourmet cuisine. Here's a secret, eat healthy when you're pregnant.. just focus on lots and lots of dark greens, all the usual healthy staples, you NEED to FEED that baby! When you feel a crazy craving for sweets I promise an orange will satiate you.  My theory is that the human body will shed all those pounds with no literally is the perfect baby making machine if you think of it as exactly that. Imagine eating thousands of years ago, no pesticides, no artificial ingredients, preservatives, scientifically altered anything. You eat tons of the good stuff, your baby grows plump and you gain weight in all the right places, thighs and buns for the brain building omega 3s.. but at the same time you can't afford to just sit on the couch and become a sedentary baby maker. You need fresh air, you need to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. If you don't have a dog I suggest borrowing one daily and just letting them drag you around for a bit (safely of course maybe a strong small dog haha). 

Also, doing so will prevent stretch marks. I don't drink anything except water, and milk.. water with no ice in restaurants. OH and I have another secret, I used this special oil that my sister in laws dad invented. I'm trying to convince him to let me market it! 

After your bundle of joy is born, use those tittys for their God given reason! Trust me, there is nothing better than snuggling your newborn and bonding. You won't feel guilty for letting the house go because your body needs the rest and everytime you nurse feel good chemicals are released to your brain to help you relax and deal with the stress of having a new baby. There are other reasons that you are meant to breast feed besides the fact that the whole reason your body stores fat while you are pregnant.. MATERNAL FAT... it's for breastfeeding! It's a gift, say you have a difficult birth and couldn't go out and hunt for food (reverting to my theory of the original plan for mommy bodies), your baby wouldn't suffer because your body has a backup plan. By no means should you ever starve yourself, I know how exhausting being a new mother is, and it is very important to eat, so you should accept all the help that is offered. Have someone close to you set up at least two weeks after you arrive from the hospital of friends and family members to bring you dinner and stock your fridge with healthy snacks and tons of water. If you don't have the resources than use those last few weeks of nesting energy to make lots of sauce and things to freeze that your partner in baby-making can unthaw and throw together. 

The one thing that was very very important to me was stretching, with Sadie all I had to do was pamper myself inside and out, I created the perfect regimen. It was a lot harder with my son, I gained 40 pounds and it took a giant toll on my lower back. Carrying around that much extra weight when your joints are loose and your muscles aren't prepared for it is really really hard on your body. Simple stretches suffice, try to do them all throughout your pregnancy and continue after. Once your doctor gives you the heads up to exercise utilize the stroller. Go for walks, lots of walks, do squats while you are bouncing your little one back to sleep at night.

 And eventually, I promise, you will need some mommy time.. just stay awake after you get up for that butt crack of dawn feeding and leave your man to snuggle the munchkins while you put your earphones on and crank your favorite NON baby related playlist, and go outside and run (or borrow that dog again). Clear your mind and just run. I've still got 10 pounds to lose, and my lower back has kept me from doing anything other than stretching and walking, but you know what, it is ok with me. I've just given birth to a child! If that is not the best excuse in the universe to be comfortable with your body, I don't know what is. 

think of your body as a lambo.. would you pour windex in its gas tank? no? hmmm then why would you want to put junk into your beautiful body? would you feed your newborn child a whole bag of flamin' hot cheetos dipped in cream cheese? I don't think so sister! Plus, if you eat all those cliche foods that children are supposed to refuse when you are pregnant, they will love them when they start eating solids. And remember monkey see, monkey do. =)

La La Love you all. And I hope that answers some of your questions about babies and pregnancy. 


  1. I love your blog!!! I especially love this post!! I have two little boys, a one year old and a two year old (15 months apart). I've been having body issues, I'm dying to go to the beach but feel that my stomach isn't fully ready for public viewing. I was at the beach the other night and looking around at everyone in their bikinis, and thought to myself what am I afraid of? I've had two kids!!

    Anyways keep inspiring!!

  2. when was that picture taken? great advice! i've got three more months left in my pregnancy and i've given in to every craving and and desire to just lay on my couch - thanx for the inspiration! switching to water and definately taking the fam for a walk after work... and YES you must share that secret oil! i'm so scared of what my tummy is going to look like after this one pops out!!

  3. This blog is so inspiring. It seems that there are so many things that women don't tell you about having a child. When you think of having a child all you seem to focus on is the blessing that that child is going to bring you (and it is such a blessing). However, we need to hear all of the obsticles that we as women will face. Thank you for being so honest in your blogs! You are a beautiful mother.

  4. This is was so encouraging to you! And ofcourse, you look incredible. I'm currently an early childhood ed student so I've been learning a great deal about breastfeeding and developmental milestones. It's so exciting to hear about how the body works to allow new mothers to lose baby weight, naturally if we allow it to! I also learned that breastfeeding burns calories, sounds like a win-win situation to me! I will definitely store this somewhere for when I have a child of my own, thank you!

  5. GREAT post. Reminds me of a recent quote by Gisele Bundchen.. where in response to a question her weight during/after pregnancy she said something along the lines of, "being pregnant isn't an excuse to become a human garbage disposal". Too many Americans think being pregnant means you can eat whatever and however much you want. On the contrary, you should be more health conscious!

  6. fantastic post that I think I will be turning back to within the near future! thanks!

  7. good post- i just had a little one and have been post partum-y and this post reminded me of the basics that you forget about once all those nasty hormones invade. thanks for this!

  8. nice words, but as a specialist in nurtrition, biomechanics, and human physiology, 12 years of personal training and writing books on health, way back when that you speak of, most babies died.

    I see your point and many are good but not well researched. You're hot as hell and I love your personality that I've seen so nothing personal.

    But there is a think called "mortality rate" and a reason most women in the U.S. now live to their mid 70's vs. as you say, a thousand years ago where the average death age was about 30. And the everage children that lived to 3 was about 1 in 5. You have great power in such a big blog, so make sure you do your research first.