Tuesday, June 29, 2010

glamourous grunge.

I like to think of my own personal style as a crash of all things that make me feel good. I don't feel comfortable being too polished. If I am wearing a gorgeous gown and lots of diamonds I like to keep my hair messy, I've been criticized for never "properly grooming" my hair.. seductive disarray. I love it. No matter how fancy or dressed up you get don't lose sight of yourself. Trying something outside of your comfort zone can encourage different parts of your personality. I know my attitude changes the second I put on thigh highs, one of my favorite things to do is wear the sexiest lingerie I own (including thigh highs and garter belt) underneath a very conservative outifit when attending professional business ordeals. Instead of the generic black dress. Just the confidence it gives you makes a world of difference. It gives you an air of mystery, you can't help that charisma you give off knowing you're hiding something.


  1. You have always had your own style ever since you were old enough to talk...always so creative...

  2. My hair has always been a tragic mess.Who cares. That's what it is. But as soon as I strap on on those sexy heels it automatically turns into sexy bed head. Who knew but again who cares. You are an inspiration who reminds some of us it's sexy to be thy self...

  3. That was what I thought for my prom. Everyone else was getting their hair done in salons, getting spray tans and those 'poofy' prom dresses, but I wore a coral dress and a boyfriend blazer ha!

    Sometimes I get slated for having messy hair, and my friends tell me I should do something with it, but it's me, I love having messy hair!