Monday, June 28, 2010

show me show me show me

i hope that title got the cure stuck in your head... ;)

Eating Angel food cake and I just caught myself telling a baby not to throw it on the floor because there are hungry angels out there who are starving. 

I'm so busy lately I feel like I've been abandoning my bloglet. Yes, I will call it a bloglet as I feel it has not yet matured to its full creative potential. I've been working my arse off on this makeup line, it's pretty intense, the business part of it anyways. I've got the style and creativity nailed. I know exactly what I want the hard part is making that happen all while keeping the price down so i can still accomplish my original goal of department store makeup for waaaay less expensive. Since I started this whole project and began working on the first batch of samples three years ago I've been using all my own eye makeup.
 I was appalled by the information (by suggestion) that maquillage has a 400% mark up! wow dude, wow.. I just find that disgusting, If I can provide for all the ladies out there and I have the resources available I feel it is my duty to carry out my mission. 

I've been blessed to have the smart friends I have to help me out with all the nitty gritty. I've found the hardest part is choosing a name. Everything tends to confine the label to a specific image and the fun for me in maquillage is change. One day you feel like being a saucy vixen with ruby red lips and a slinky gown, the next you may want to go naturel with some hydrating lip balm and a fined tuned set of brows add that to your glowing skin and you can't go wrong.

I still need unique, flawed, REAL, beautiful women to inspire me, also I want to incorporate non plastic faces into my advertising campaign when it comes time. 

Non, je ne regrette rien


  1. This must be so exciting for you, and it is exactly what the makeup industry needs! I can't wait to physically see this make up line =)

  2. I know it will be fabulous when it comes out, I can't wait

  3. where should i send my photo?

  4. Yes, where do you want photos sent?