Thursday, June 24, 2010

hand me down gifts from first loves

To me, fashion is expression,'s about being a woman and celebrating! How I dress is a clear visual of what I'm feeling at the moment, true fashion is rarely contrived. It's what you grab that is screaming out at your current mood. The beauty of it is that fashion is a simple change that can transform your mood by slipping on a pair of 5 inch stilettos! It's as easy as wearing your diamond (or for the smarter one CZ's) studs to the gym. Fashion is a seed that is planted when we got our first barbie, from the shoes, dresses, vests, hair, makeup, bangles, pearls, lipgloss, clutches, I was hooked. Now I get to play the barbie and I don't think I will ever get too old. 

dress-free people
black leather tube bra- kill city (planet funk)
makeup- unnamed line of mine(soon to be released)
jewelry- swallow bracelet from some random vintage store in san juan,
 shell ring from vacation in Kauai, green ring by stephen dweck, green bangles- claires (that's right the little girl store), earrings - brass plum  
sunglasses- Ashbury
Belt- got it at some polish festival by my parents house
horn necklace- metro park or planet funk?
purse- hype
nail polish- Sephora by OPI in havana dreams & MAC in brown bag
cowboy boots- jessica simpson 

as for her hair, I used Murrays wax and took small sections and ruffled them and twisted creating what I call beauty dreads. 


  1. that dress is gorgous! and i LOVE her hair!

  2. I'll be constantly shopping for random accessories to send you while on my journeys <3

  3. omg casey!! these pix are fantastic and samantha looks amazing!! you are on to something here....
    loving your blog. xoxox

  4. I am soooooo gutted that the swallow bracelet is something you found at a vintage store! I fell in love when I saw that picture and I want it soooo bad! I'm addicted to swallows and have one tattooed on each wrist. I want that bracelet!!

    love your blog, and LOVE that hair, I'm gonna try that with my boyfriends wax