Friday, July 30, 2010

Loza and wak-attack

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Best trick xgames 16

Kyle didn't ride best trick tonight because he has a broken wrist, just got surgery, and started training without dr consent. At practice this morning he was throwing it big and overshot it! yet still planned to ride! It kept getting worse throughout the day and he decided to save his new tricks for next year when he's 110% yes, trickS! He's bummed he didn't get to ride and is gonna make it up to you all next year and years after etc :-)
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

X games 16

By far the best group of dudes in freestyle, anyone name them all? How about what tricks they invented? Who wants to see some x games behind the scenes blogging tomorrow? :)

Today we went down to the los angeles coliseum and kyle registered and did a bunch of interviews, ill post the stuff they did for shark week if I can find any online. On another note how rad is it that there is a race for adaptive racers? One of the coolest races to watch in my opinion!

It seems like everyone is down and out this year in moto world, best trick is left to a bunch of unheard of dudes trying to pull double backflips and frontflips... Let's pray it doesn't turn into a crashfest.

What are your guys' favorite Xgames competitions? Ill be back out there tomorrow, what do you want me to get my digital eyes on?
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Elizabeth Knight

I have settled upon the perfect name for my makeup line. 
I decided to give eternal life to my best friend who was tragically killed 2 years ago in a car accident, the man who hit her car head on was going the wrong way on the freeway entrance. I was having thinking about how shallow the whole concept felt, sure my plan is to provide girls with quality makeup for super affordable prices. That just wasn't doing enough for me, I felt like I had to give something more. Therefore against every business person's advice I am going to be giving a percentage of everything made to charity. I think of it as girls using beauty to fight drunk driving. 

My best friend's name was Ashley Elizabeth Knight Nelson, and she was stunning! She was the blonde version of a silly highschool casey. We didn't care about boys, or any of the drama everyone else was concerned with. We loved to have fun together, go to warped tour and start dance parties in the middle of the mosh pits, we were their for each other during the toughest times of teenage years, the first loves, the first heartbreaks.. we were nice to everyone, it just wasn't in our nature to be snobby chicks, she religiously wore her retainer and looked even cuter in combination with her eyeglasses.

I was 8 months pregnant with Sadie when she was murdered, and I DO consider it murder. It is no accident for a drunk guy to get in his car and drive, he only got 10 years in prison. The hardest part is forgiving him,  he has to live with the fact he took one of the smartest, funniest, most beautiful and secure women from this Earth.  She still has my promise ring from my 16th birthday. 

please please be the one at the party who hides the drunkards car keys. If no one can drive and there is an emergency get everyone to pitch in for a cab, or call your mom! 

I hope you all love what I have been working on, and please keep sending in photos of yourselves for modeling! I need your lovely faces, can't do it without you <3

this is the photo on her headstone. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have a superhuman ability, seriously. I can find the good in anyone. Focus on the positive qualities in personalities, but don't excuse bad manners. People ask a lot of questions, it's ironic really, when all you have to do is listen. I've become who I am by doing one thing, listening... really caring what someone has to say, don't just wait for your turn to weigh in on the conversation. 
Most people would rather piss and moan about another person's life than take any action in their own. I've done a lot of dumb things in my life, but honestly I wouldn't be where I am right at this moment if I wouldn't have learned from them. For every heartbreak you endure is freedom to the path of appreciating prince charming! I wish I could just give a little hope to anyone who has been put in a unfavorable situation that for reasons beyond their grasp they just can't break away. You don't need anyone in your life but GOD. 

When someone breaks your heart, and I mean rips it to shreds, don't try and be a tough guy, feel the feelings, cry a little (in my case A LOT), then forgive them in your heart and move on. I'm not saying I don't believe in second chances, I do. BUT I have learned first hand that there is someone out there who is going to love everything about you and love you enough to not even want to chance hurting you, let alone losing you. 
the smartest thing you can do is to put your pride aside and learn from other's mistakes. Don't be the stubborn one who has to do things the hard way( it's ignorant to be proud of a trait like that. ) gather knowledge, take people's advice into consideration, give people the benefit of the doubt, don't make your boyfriend/girlfriend suffer by torturing them with fits of jealousy because you were hurt in the past. learn to let go, learn to trust, learn to really truly love with all your heart, only then are you living.