Wednesday, August 3, 2011

meow meow

Let's talk about X games this year. wow. I was feeling pretty selfish sitting in the Emergency room watching my husband get his hand sewn back together. I kept thinking, how could this be happening? It was his LAST jump before we headed to LA. and bam! he would've gotten a Gold medal, no contest. But thankfully, I have a ton of faith in God. As I sat there, sick to my stomach (blood and bits of skin everywhere) I was trying not to laugh as Kyle was telling the Dr. to "hurry up, I've got to be in LA in 2 hours for practice" the dr gave me a look like, wow this guy isn't kidding huh? Kyle is one tough dude, if it wasn't for the 10 stitches holding his thumb on along with the squished thumb bone I don't know if anything could've stopped him from riding. BUT, I've learned a valuable lesson, watching and praying for the other riders safety all x, I started feeling grateful that Kyle didn't ride. The trick that he invented is not fun to watch for me. I've watched him do over 400 of them, no exaggerating, and i'm still blown away every single time he does it.
  Anyways, aside from my rambling, I'm proud of him. He at first was furious he couldn't ride. He worked SOO hard, he refuses to get anything less then Gold. He's a competitor, that's what drives him.. the innovation, the "scientist" in him, it's not any other aspect. This whole ordeal has morphed into the ideal equation for domination. He's not mad at himself anymore, he sat and watched freestyle, best trick, speed and style.. and all he kept saying was "I watched that exact run 4 years ago" and now he is skating everyday to keep his endurance up, working out like a mad man, and is so driven to take over every aspect of motorcross. The dr gave him a month until he is back on a bike, stitches come out in a few days...he wants to create the polar opposite of the"metal mulisha" where the focus is not being tough, fighting, cursing, etc. all the stereotypes of freestyle, but bring the sport to a higher level. I can't exactly say the tricks that he has dialed in, but I fully stand behind any decision he makes. aka we are going to be traveling a TON, he wants to get back to the reason he started riding. the fans, Riders 4 Christ, breaking every stereotype possible, the love of creating new tricks and landing them to dirt for the first time! God truly does have a bigger and better plan for every one of our lives, bigger than we can even start to imagine. So when you have your "sitting in the ER moment".... whatever that moment may be for you.. look up! Give all your stress and worry to the big man. Being a wife of a pro athlete, mother of two, daughter of a... well you get it... that's the only thing that has kept me going. Nothing can hold me down lately, I'm good. haha 

I love getting mail from people telling me how I've been able to help them thru difficult times in their lives just by going thru the hoops on tv. Let's open up a questions?advice column.. I want to help as many people as I can in any way I can. You guys are the reason that I stand up straight and keep pushing thru... LOVE YOU ALL!!

<3 Case