Friday, June 17, 2011


helloooo little darling faces, 
I love reading your sweet and inspiring comments. I have been having a blast working with Le Doux swimwear. A few days ago I helped out on the shoot for the summer col cclection, my samples are stuck in Brazil due to the volcano =( my heart goes out to all the families affected by the eruption. I used to have this odd infatuation with pompeii when I was in 7th grade and I created weekly newspapers that would've been relevant in those times. weird i know, but stretch your brain! 

Thank you to everyone who has been knowledgable enough about this reality tv world to understand that the way things are portrayed... well, you know. I would love to do my own show, but it would have to be productive. I would want people to learn something valuable from it as well as be entertained. you know those movies where they make you think and smile? like that.  anyways, the owner of Le doux swimwear and I, Juliana, are going to be filming a casting for the model who fits the vision of my collection! I've had so much fun designing the line I can't wait to expand on it. I'm constantly looking for things that don't exist so that's how the ideas come into play. 

And yes, I'm a real woman, with baby making hips and I need a suit that is going to flatter me, not one that is made for a plastic barbie a one size fits all.. thats my goal, the tops are going to lift the ladies up and make them look so good you will want to wear them with low cut dresses just so the cute material stands out as a valid excuse for those of us who don't have the fakeys to go braless. if you do have perfect fakeys then i hope they are tasteful and fit your body type, more power to you. the secret is that people question their authenticity. that's my view on that. aaha

also the bottoms are ALL cut to embrace the booty. if you haven't got a booty then they will help to shape it. think of them like the true religions of swimsuit bottoms. haha. I love when things have a little added flavor to them but i also crave simplicity. classic, clean cut lines that never go out of style.

I am going to crack down on getting my bronzing lotion finalized so I can do a limited launch at the same time we launch the line, they go hand in hand. I don't believe in worshipping the sun, i believe in being wrinkle free without botox and all that other poo in your body. 

well here are my secrets...

#1. bio oil. rub it on your entire body, face too, before bed every night. your skin will drastically improve.

#2. dance every morning, blast your favorite song while you are getting ready and stretch first thing when you wake up, i promise your day will be dramatically different in a good way.

#3. sunscreen. I love sunscreen, tinted moisturizer with spf is good but you need more. and for the ladies with tattoos, it brings out the colors, for some reason when i want my ink to stand out and look fresh all it takes is a layer of sunscreen. (good pre photo shoots too or even when i go out at night) 

#4. elizabeth Knight bronzing lotion! I've been trying to finalize the actual bottle and I haven't fallen in love yet, anyone have suggestions? send them my way.

#5. water. drink it. when I go out I like to play a game, while my sister, and friends are throwing back the redbull vodkas, i match every drink with a water. hahahaa you pee just as much but you are glowing the next day and they are bloated. 

#6. wear high heels when you clean your house, I know it sounds silly but it feels good and also when you work out at home try to do it in front of a mirror in your sports bra, booty shorts, knee high socks and nikes. i find it motivates me to push myself harder if I have a clear view of the muscles i'm thrashing at the moment.

alright, I've got life to tend to but comment on whatever you want me to blog about and your wish is my command... also i give amazing relationship advice so ask away. 

love love kiss kiss