Tuesday, February 1, 2011


so forget i asked what you guys wanted to see, i have no input. and quite frankly i am going to be waiting right along with you all to see what it turns out as. ha ha. i would like to say that i am really glad that I'm married to my soul mate and already have everything that matters. as i honestly don't care what happens with this show. it is the only time i get to see my sister, or my family for that matter. when we're filming so that's cool.

but I'm under contract so i don't want to get sued saying anything else.

on another note. who is going to NYC for fashion week?? me me me. I'm deliriously tired, i played piano today almost all day in two hour blocks. my brain is throbbing in a good way. sorry i am abandoning you guys, i feel really bad. pardon my crappy grammar. i am grumpy that things didn't turn out the way i would've liked them too. but hey, at least i have my blog. and i can continue to spread the word of being a bad ass positive person on the Internet. ha ha =) hope you are all doing wonderful and here's an update of what has been keeping me from the blog world... pilot school, writing music, working on our new album, getting ready to launch Elizabeth knight this spring, drawing aka trying to convince people to let me tattoo them, praying my buns off that my back heals so i can start working out and get my body feeling healthy again. oh and i have decided to get a breast reduction. after two babies my boobies are just so sad. i really hate going to home depot lately and they did their duty. they fed my babies well, although i am always the one in 2945938475 person who the very worst that can happen in surgery ALWAYS happens to me.

on a lighter note, I'm learning to take cheap shots as compliments. =) someone tries hard to put you down it only means one thing... they are intimidated by your awesomeness and feel inferior. 

hmm.... what else can i rant about on this lovely midnight... ohhh... i am loving tearing my house apart. but this stinking association.. i have to ask permission for paint colors, plants, etc etc etc i paid for this house i own it, i have good taste, i think better architecturally then fashion wise haha, so i think they should trust me on changing some stuff around..

setting goals for 2011..
i had a dream..
buy 150 acres of land and build my dream community with a bunch of people from church and my in laws who are already helping get plans together. my grandfather in law is an architect and my father in law is a genius in contracting and cement and waterworks world.. boom. i want to build my own ocean in orange county. and have a a bunch of houses on the water, wave machines so i can surf in the morning while the kids build sand castles or snorkel. basically a neverland with water and less animals. go wake boarding, sky diving, have a helipad, etc.... 

and not only that but i obviously wouldn't be using all 150 acres,the majority of them and build condos that house widows, women in trouble,etc have day care/schooling/skill courses available and a network where they would all become a tight knit family and their children wouldn't have to grow up with an abusive father because the women was too afraid to do it on her own. she wouldn't have to! i have so many things i hope to accomplish, elizabeth knight cosmetics will be the start of an amazing product line that is going to help change women's lives by being not only eco friendly but people friendly. i'm not greedy. i am sooo happy with my life, i love every aspect of it and wouldn't change it for the world.
i am kind of worried that this tv show may give people the wrong idea. i really don't want to be famous, my parents wouldn't talk to me for two months because i said i wasn't going to do it. so i am showing up and trying to keep a smile on my face but it's so weird. being out of my comfort zone. i refuse to have my babies on the show, and kyle has only filmed once, there are so many contractual things to be sorted. it's odd being thrown into a position that feels so foriegn and so wrong all at once.
i'm probably saying to much. but i just want you all to know that television will rot your brains and i want to be the seed that grows not molds. hahahah =) 

have a bitchin' week. and don't forget to say please and thank you please and thank you.