Wednesday, December 8, 2010


blooooog. I won't apologize for my lack of intelligent rambling lately. I'm in love with Spain, not a huge fan of the food, but i have a theory it was because of our guide and his preference for buffets. I've never been a buffet kinda gal. We stayed in a magical hotel on the top floor and there were lion heads outside our window, gorgeous trees and the air held a stillness that made me want to try and soar from building to building. I didn't get to shop, tear, but if anyone who lives in Europe wants to trade me for some vintage dresses or flea market swag I've got some worthy trade. 

I went the longest I've ever gone without talking to my sister, a whole month. between traveling, miscommunication, lost phone, possessive boyfriend, tropical islands, and just a general feeling of hermitness I kind of blocked out the world for a month. I'm back now, I had 4 much needed meetings in one day and they all went insanely well. First off I'll tell you all that I signed on to do the first season of "the untitled audrina project" on VH1. Start filming the first week of January 2011, I'm trying to think of a New Years resolution but there is honestly nothing in my life I would change right now. Being capable of feeling content is freedom. I have found the joy in grocery shopping, cooking, organizing, landscape artistry... etc. when you find joy in everyday things nothing can stop you from feeling weightless. 

So back to this tv show, I am having the big meeting with Burnett in a few days, but I really hope I get to have some creative input. Audrina is an exectutive producer, not exactly sure what that entails but I'm jealous. I'm so proud of her, she had the balls to just up and leave everything she knew and move into a little apartment in a big city with a few girls she found in an ad. one thing led to another and now look where she is?! see, girls, you can do anything if you really want it, do not listen to the haters and do not give up on your dreams. 

I know what my dream is, I want to be the head of an empire. I'm starting with my Elizabeth Knight cosmetic line, I have it carved in my heart that I need to make certain that my best friend is immortalized and her parents are honored in the process. I miss her so much, I avoid driving on the 22 at all costs, I was forced to due to a detour yesterday and I balled my eyes out en route. People give you odd looks when you are listening to Taylor Swift and crying while sitting in traffic. Usually that cd works, makes me happy, appreciative. 

Back to this whole tv show, what would you guys like to see? I want to film the process of creating a makeup line, show people that it is NOT as glamourous as it sounds. I also am starting a foundation that will work to empower women all over the world, starting with the ones in my neighborhood. Everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. I've been working hard to put a team of women together who understand my vision and feel passionate about what I am trying to do. So far things are beyond my expectations and I couldn't ask for a better group of beautiful, powerful, intelligent women to join me on my journey. I've already started designing shoes as well, I am constantly on the search for things I come up with in my head and they never exist. This is my solution haha.