Monday, June 18, 2012

Finding things that humble me

traveling for no reason with no itinerary, if you've never done it you are missing out truly. 
the world is such a large place, it's easy to get sucked into the mundane everyday humdrum and forget that there is a great big whirlwind of wild adventure awaiting. I have been contemplating getting "yes man" tattooed on me. traveling is beautiful, it not only stretches our imaginations but it reminds us how darn small we are. 

being a mum and a wife can forge an overwhelming sense of selflessness leaving you to escape only at the wee hours of the night with a novel in a candle lit bubble bath. I've learned to reset how I look at things, you are in charge of your point of view, no matter how hopelessly stranded your situation may seem... you can change the way you see life. put aside all the pointless lessons your mothers, fathers, teachers, classmates, etc. have instilled in that beautiful brain of yours and create your own way of looking at things. brush your teeth with your Non-handed hand haha, (i'll give you a second to figure that one out)... 

I had an adult vision the other day, this is my life. I'm in charge of how I think, how I perceive. hmm... i've been trying to fit into a box for so long, all the things my brain has sketched into it that seem to be "proper".. it finally hit me, "this is MY HOUSE, MY FAMILY" throw all the expectations out the window and what do you have left? well, i don't want to spoil the surprise...

I have found joy in buying giant seagrass/jute/sisal rugs and painting them with gorgeous patterns instead of drudging through catalogs and trying to find what "fits"... I taught myself to venetian plaster, hahahaha thank you internet for the diy how to...

the car driving the exact speed limit in front of you whilst your in a hurry through a canyon, don't honk your horn and be a turd burglar, perhaps they lost a loved one in a car accident or were involved in a serious one themselves, YOU NEVER KNOW. YOU ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. revelation!! wow! you have a choice. be kind, be loving, smile when someone gives you a dirty look. ( i get them a lot i'm assuming it's due to the excess artwork i've collected) 

seriously though, this is a jumble of thoughts and i just wanted to say. LOVE LIFE. make your own rules, if you want to buy two king size beds and put them next to one another then haggardly learn to sew two set of sheets together so your kids can sleep with you for as long as they think you're "cool" DO IT. I'm so much happier now that I've put all my past behind me and am creating a new future. Explore yourself, make mistakes and don't be afraid to take naughty b/w photos with your husband and blow them up have them framed and hang them in your bedroom. 

Kyle and I have a rule, we have to makeout before bed, every single night. no matter if you're tired, in a row, etc. full on teenager make out. life is good, and plant some flowers. 

put your iphone down and stop social networking, enjoy the moment. become 2200% involved in whatever you are doing at that very moment, whether it be watering your garden or coloring with your children. take a step back and live in the moment. 

there you have it. 
reveal yourself.<3

Sunday, February 26, 2012


the consequences of the choices we make can be over bearing when we lose the chance to forgive.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blown away!!

I feel so awful for neglecting my bloggy. I've just read through all of your guys' comments and I promise I'm going to start up again, just wanted to do a quicky shorty to say thank you for inspiring me!!