Friday, April 29, 2011

smell of coconut and sunscreen.

I miss living at the beach, the constant sound of waves crashing lulling me to sleep. I'm nothing like my sister in the body department. I think that's obvious, but I do cherish my body for giving me two beautiful healthy babies. I wasn't supposed to be able to have babies because my uterus is shaped like a heart. ( pretty awesome considering i've been in love with sharks since i was a baby and sharks also share my uterus shape)..

point.. i just finished drawing my last design, swimsuit design that is. I have had a blast the last few days working with Juliana at Le Doux swimwear. we literally hit it off on the phone after she sent me a few swimsuits and I was inspired, started adding my own take on things. Highest quality and best fitting suits I've ever worn. I literally yelled down stairs to Kyle and said, "babe you have to see my butt in this swimsuit" haha he started laughing at me until he came upstairs and was like wow, try on the rest, do a fashion show for me. tmi. sorry. haha =) 

anyways I got in touch with juliana and I told her some of my ideas and we instantly hit it off, two days later we were sitting on a couch, indian style, giggling as we talked about what inspires us and she recorded every detail of my designs. it was amazingly easy, fun and i loved it. I am starting to think that staying true to myself and not paying attention to rules is going to pay off eventually. I'm really siked to have a collection of swimsuits that are perfectly suited to my taste for the entire summer and next, timeless considering I not trend savvy. I hope you guys love what I came up with! over the next few weeks we are going to be filming the process, casting a model, styling the shoot, getting the materials/colors/hardware etc finalized and finally the launch party! 

hopefully audrina will come along and give me some pointers! I still don't know how she does it. 

anyways, lots of fun to come. and I'll be launching the suits at the end of may in vegas!! at niki beach =)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just another Reason I love my husband

Etnies, Autism Speaks & A.Skate Hold Kids Skate Clinic | TransWorld Business

well. as for the last two posts.

It was great to get feedback from ya'll but they didn't give me poo as far as creative anything. Audrina is an executive producer and this is her show and her project so everything you see is her creation.
Hope everyone gets a whole new perspective into the mind of my sister.

I will be posting as soon as I check with my lawyer on how much I can say without being slaughtered by the big dogs.

love you all. good morning.

I would really love to join a book club, if anyone is interested?
I am really sad that my sister is going around saying that I am exactly like my mom, i love my mother, she is who she is and she makes no apologies. But I see more resemblance in Audrina. I pride myself on being a book worm and loving to learn, bit of an introvert  i suppose. I loathe drama, yet somehow when I'm around them it is inevitable and it always gets twisted and put back on me when i do nothing. I need a trasnlator to hang out with them and I'm afraid to say something wrong. odd, right?

anyways, I just want to apologize to Lauren. She did nothing to deserve this and I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a Lynn patridge brutality fest. Not only for the tmz instance but also for the more recent stuff with Audrina, there is no reason to dredge the past for any reason. Lauren has never been anything but a super sweet friend to me and I admire her for staying true to herself in this business. I am kinda sad we lost contact when her and Audrina had a falling out. I feel like I could use some insider's advice on this whole reality show junk. geez =( 

and another thing, they keep saying that I am a "former wild child" and the "black sheep" just because i have tattoos doesn't make me a stereotypical party girl. sorry to disappoint. and I would consider myself more of a white sheep in a black sheep herd. I love books, god, my children, being goofy, writing music, flea markets, traveling, learning about different cultures, doing charity, when I read the remarkable story about a mother/hollywood actress (?)breastfeeding a starving baby in an unfortunate circumstance that right there was what inspired me to dedicate my life to helping others. one hand at a time, the power of holding hands and praying is strong. 

No matter how I am portrayed in this tv show, which is available to watch on before it premieres.. I know who I am. I have a husband who loves every single things about me, he is the best daddy imaginable and he has a heart of gold! He is such a wonderful man and everyone who knows understands how blessed I am to be married to him. 
My mother on the other hand sees all her flaws in his character, she isn't used to someone loving her and not judging her even when she is ripping him apart for being a protective father. 

when i read people saying, oh "casey is just jealous of audrina because she is just a mother and a wife" that is confusing to me. When I am sleeping at 3am snuggled in my bed with my two babies and gorgeous husband and I get a phone call from my sister crying in some club because her current butthole boyfriend left her there, he grabbed his exes boob or they are drunk and arguing about scientology(calling me to be the mediator)..yes i'm talking about cabrera..I'm not jealous, I'm heartbroken! I wish Audrina could find her prince charming and pop out a niece or nephew for me to babysit and take to the zoo. I wouldn't trade my life for hers for anything. It may seem all glamourous but Audrina goes thru hell to live the life she does. I love doing my own dishes and watering my garden. 

I will answer all and any questions you have about the tv show, each and every episode. openly and honestly. I will never lie to you because I don't have an agenda.