Friday, April 29, 2011

smell of coconut and sunscreen.

I miss living at the beach, the constant sound of waves crashing lulling me to sleep. I'm nothing like my sister in the body department. I think that's obvious, but I do cherish my body for giving me two beautiful healthy babies. I wasn't supposed to be able to have babies because my uterus is shaped like a heart. ( pretty awesome considering i've been in love with sharks since i was a baby and sharks also share my uterus shape)..

point.. i just finished drawing my last design, swimsuit design that is. I have had a blast the last few days working with Juliana at Le Doux swimwear. we literally hit it off on the phone after she sent me a few swimsuits and I was inspired, started adding my own take on things. Highest quality and best fitting suits I've ever worn. I literally yelled down stairs to Kyle and said, "babe you have to see my butt in this swimsuit" haha he started laughing at me until he came upstairs and was like wow, try on the rest, do a fashion show for me. tmi. sorry. haha =) 

anyways I got in touch with juliana and I told her some of my ideas and we instantly hit it off, two days later we were sitting on a couch, indian style, giggling as we talked about what inspires us and she recorded every detail of my designs. it was amazingly easy, fun and i loved it. I am starting to think that staying true to myself and not paying attention to rules is going to pay off eventually. I'm really siked to have a collection of swimsuits that are perfectly suited to my taste for the entire summer and next, timeless considering I not trend savvy. I hope you guys love what I came up with! over the next few weeks we are going to be filming the process, casting a model, styling the shoot, getting the materials/colors/hardware etc finalized and finally the launch party! 

hopefully audrina will come along and give me some pointers! I still don't know how she does it. 

anyways, lots of fun to come. and I'll be launching the suits at the end of may in vegas!! at niki beach =)


  1. Staying true to yourself is one of the hardest things you can do, but I have faith in you. And God has faith in you, Casey.

  2. I think staying true to yourself and your own creative inspiration is the KEY to being successful. If you were to "follow rules" and take exact direction from people - what would you have? the basic things you see everyday

    think of Alexander McQueen - I'm sure people tried to sway him away from the claw shoes & insane style he had, but he kept to his vision and that's what made him so unique, and you're no different (:

    PS: i know you said your body isn't like Audrina's but seriously yours is just as good if not better! Could you post your regular day-to-diet and what you do to workout? That would be awesome!

  3. you look 1000xs better than me and i have had no babies haa. you have amazing self-esteem and i love how you encourage everyone to find the true beauty (inner beauty) in everyone! you better believe i will be front and center for the launch SUPER EXCITED for it, as well as the launch for EK!! sending lots of love!

    ps if you are looking for an intern of some sorts PLEASE let a girl know i would love to get involved!

  4. girl, you're body is amazing and gorgeous. and you know what's the most inspiring thing? you're a full time mum to 2 children, a loving wife, a very hard worker, have your thumbs in 20 different pies at once, as busy as a bee and you still manage to be you and look incredible! I find this more inspiring that seeing pictures of Hollywood celebs all buffed up with their crazy six packs, biceps and looking as thin as insects.

    i'd rather be inspired by someone I can actually relate to! :)

    P.S. when is elizabeth knight coming out ... and will us Aussies be able to get our hands on some?? (and same with your swimwear, would love to see some!)

  5. Just finished watching this weeks Audriana. This is not about your sister though. This is about You. You are truly beautiful. I'm sorry that your mom treats you so badly. You do not deserve to be treated that way. She treats you and your husband like second hand furniture. I hope you got that photo shoot and you rocked it. I don't know how you and your siblings turned out as great, beautiful, and level headed as you all seem. Must be your Dad. Congrats on the swimsuit line. I know you'll do well. I'm glad you found your way out of your Sisters shadow. I'm sure that's really hard to do. You have accomplished and succeded by being true to your self. I don't understand how u manage to deal with your mom without being nasty back. That just shows what a beautiful person you are. Feel free to forward this to her. I would love to address her myself, but couldn't find a way. She needs to know how destructive with her words and also with out her words. I'm amazed your family hasn't blown up by now. Keep doing great things and good will come to you. God Bless.

  6. Your blog is so inspirational. I am a new momma, who happened to stumble across your blog before watching the show you were in. So, I think it gave me a different perspective when watching it then I would have on you if I didn't read this. Don't let the ignorant media get you down. You are beautiful, and a great momma. I understand your situation with your mom and children. I have the same situation with my boyfriends mother and my son. You never know what could or would be said, so why risk it? Congradulations on everything, such as the swimsuit line! Keep your head up gorgeous, cause someone is always dying to see you fall. Looking forward to future readings!

  7. Hi Casey, Congrats on all your current success. My post is in relation to your mom and what I have read in your other posts, in particular when you wrote about Audrina saying you and your mom are really alike. I'm so happy you have the awareness to realise that you are nothing like your mother, because when I saw Audrina saying it in the show it was rather infuriating. I dont blame Audrina for having that opinion.. she is just very misinformed. I think you are all dealing with a VERY difficult mother, and my heart goes out to you on that respect. But just because you are the sibling that chooses to challange your mom's abusive behaviour and ''butt heads'' with her, doesnt mean youre alike, it means that you have enough self respect to realise that you do not need to put up with behaviour. I dont mean to sound harsh but your mom is a total addict, she seems like an alcoholic, you may know that already of course. I think if you were to consider attending 'Al Anon' meetings, which are for family members of alcoholics, what you would find through the other member's group stories is your mom popping up in them all. It might help you to deal with the past and future. Its something you should recommend to all your family in time.. which bring's me back to Audrina.. alcoholism is a 'family disease' and so what is interesting is that each family member takes on a very different coping mechanism to deal with the alcholic parent. What Audrina needs to realise is that just because she chooses not to challenge her mother the way you do, does not mean that her mother's behaviour is having an negative impact on her too. Infact she seems very eager to please her, which really puts you in a more healthy position but you really do see the mother's behaviour as absolutely vicious and good for you for having such awareness. I really cant believe your mom hasnt been in a treatment center yet.. she certainly heading for rock bottom. Best of luck to you all.

  8. You inspire are so classy despite the fact your mother is totally mean for no reason to you......i love the fact you stand up for your family no matter what the backlash may be it takes a totally awesome and mature person to be able to handle such drama......keep being who you are because you are a total inspiration to all the mommas out there who always put their new little families before anything or anyone <3

  9. You inspire me, the way you strive in life with your ambitions, how you stand up for yourself... truly are an inspiration. <3

  10. I love you blog! I enjoy reading about what you have to say as it is intelligent and down to earth. It is hard to believe you come from the family you come from! And that you are on t.v! haha I think you and your husband are so adorable and hope I can have a marriage like that someday. I am obsessed with makeup and am anxiously waiting for your cosmetics line to come out so I can give it a try!

  11. Dear Casey -
    Watching your mom on tv is eerily like watching my own mother - so much so that it really freaked me out the first time I saw it. Even my husband commented "Oh my God - that's YOUR mom!"
    I've been through the ringer with my mom, and she's subjected me to some of the worst treatment that I've ever endured from another human being. I struggled with my relationship with her for years and finally ended up going to a therapist because my head was such a mess. Everyone kept telling me that I had to love my mom, and forgive her and have a relationship with her because she was my MOM...and I really tried and it really broke my heart every single time. I shared this with my therapist and she asked me, "If your mother was not your mother, would you want to have a relationship with her?" And I said no...of course not. Why would I want to have a relationship with someone who made me feel that way? And my therapist asked, "So why don't you walk away?" And I said I couldn't...she's my MOM. And my therapist said, "Just because she's your mom, doesn't mean you have to have a relationship with her, especially if it's unhealthy. There's no rule that says you have to have this destructive and unhealthy relationship, just because other people tell you to. You do what's best for you, and if you wouldn't choose to know here if she wasn't your mom, then you don't have to just because she is..."

    It was like someone finally gave me permission to say, "Yes, you are my mom, but I don't like you, and I don't want to have a relationship with you." I severed my relationship with my mother at that point, and it was the healthiest thing that I ever did. There have been a few times where she's reached out to me and we've had dinner or met, but my mother hasn't changed and I've chosen to continue not having a relationship with her. There's a small spot in my heart that aches for "mom", but it's not my's the mom I wish I had. I'm fortunate that I've had many other strong and kind women in my life, including my husband's mother, and I have all of the maternal love that I could ever ask for.

    I just wanted to share that with you - it really changed my life to finally talk to someone who wasn't trying to force a relationship between my mother and I. I know how painful that whle situation can be, and I just wanted to let you know that I've been mostly "mom free" for about 15 years now, and it was probably the best thing that I ever could have done. Good luck to you - you seem like a really great person, and I wish you the best!

  12. I think you have a fabulous body! I'm a new follower and just adore your candidness, your open honesty, and your firey belief in so many things bigger than us. Inspiring for sure.

  13. You are so strong for dealing with that family BS. I have had similar situations go down but not nearly to that extent. It's really inspiring to see how maturely you handle it all... How you don't let it effect you the way, it might effect someone who was weaker.

    And as if the family drama wasn't enough, it must be so hard dealing with the fact that you're sister is the focus of a TV show.

    It breaks my heart to hear you say that your body is "nothing like your sisters" because you're body is rocking! ESPECIALLY for having two kids! AND it's natural!

    Keep it up, your a true inspiration for the younger girls.

    Peace out!

  14. You're kind of like Kourtney Kardashian with the baby body - I mean you can't even tellllllll. Man, some people turn into like bubbles, you look good girl.

    Ya sharks are so terrifying but amazing. I mean if I saw one in the ocean I'd be horrified but apparently in old cultures and still in Hawaii they protected their sharks because they thought they were their ancestor's spirits or soemthing..

    omg u need to make a swimsuit in that olive green colour, its such a sexy colour with a tan and basically any colour hair...

    omg but u need to design at least one for ppl with HIPS. like i have hips and man, like the high cuts on the hips just dont look so hot...

    OMG sounds exciting!!! and..a lot of work....but u know if you love it, doesnt feel like work blablabla
    u shud eventually branch out and do kids swimwear too!!! imagine doing ur launch party on the beach, would be appropriate...

    Wow good for u, i mean nikki beach JUST came out in vegas! OMG! idea! you should have a contest at the party? Maybe next year's face or model or soemthing like that during your launch party. I mean you'd get more coverage, ppl will talk, it will be fun and exciting...

    yup thats my random input

  15. sorry for the "omg" overdose...brain is kinda frizzled out from my day hah

  16. I just wanted to comment and say thank you to everyone for all the amazing kind words, you guys are so rad and the reason i blog.

    and I love the olive green swimsuit idea, i actually find the uglier the color the better it looks on tan skin haha