Saturday, April 16, 2011

well. as for the last two posts.

It was great to get feedback from ya'll but they didn't give me poo as far as creative anything. Audrina is an executive producer and this is her show and her project so everything you see is her creation.
Hope everyone gets a whole new perspective into the mind of my sister.

I will be posting as soon as I check with my lawyer on how much I can say without being slaughtered by the big dogs.

love you all. good morning.

I would really love to join a book club, if anyone is interested?
I am really sad that my sister is going around saying that I am exactly like my mom, i love my mother, she is who she is and she makes no apologies. But I see more resemblance in Audrina. I pride myself on being a book worm and loving to learn, bit of an introvert  i suppose. I loathe drama, yet somehow when I'm around them it is inevitable and it always gets twisted and put back on me when i do nothing. I need a trasnlator to hang out with them and I'm afraid to say something wrong. odd, right?

anyways, I just want to apologize to Lauren. She did nothing to deserve this and I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a Lynn patridge brutality fest. Not only for the tmz instance but also for the more recent stuff with Audrina, there is no reason to dredge the past for any reason. Lauren has never been anything but a super sweet friend to me and I admire her for staying true to herself in this business. I am kinda sad we lost contact when her and Audrina had a falling out. I feel like I could use some insider's advice on this whole reality show junk. geez =( 

and another thing, they keep saying that I am a "former wild child" and the "black sheep" just because i have tattoos doesn't make me a stereotypical party girl. sorry to disappoint. and I would consider myself more of a white sheep in a black sheep herd. I love books, god, my children, being goofy, writing music, flea markets, traveling, learning about different cultures, doing charity, when I read the remarkable story about a mother/hollywood actress (?)breastfeeding a starving baby in an unfortunate circumstance that right there was what inspired me to dedicate my life to helping others. one hand at a time, the power of holding hands and praying is strong. 

No matter how I am portrayed in this tv show, which is available to watch on before it premieres.. I know who I am. I have a husband who loves every single things about me, he is the best daddy imaginable and he has a heart of gold! He is such a wonderful man and everyone who knows understands how blessed I am to be married to him. 
My mother on the other hand sees all her flaws in his character, she isn't used to someone loving her and not judging her even when she is ripping him apart for being a protective father. 

when i read people saying, oh "casey is just jealous of audrina because she is just a mother and a wife" that is confusing to me. When I am sleeping at 3am snuggled in my bed with my two babies and gorgeous husband and I get a phone call from my sister crying in some club because her current butthole boyfriend left her there, he grabbed his exes boob or they are drunk and arguing about scientology(calling me to be the mediator)..yes i'm talking about cabrera..I'm not jealous, I'm heartbroken! I wish Audrina could find her prince charming and pop out a niece or nephew for me to babysit and take to the zoo. I wouldn't trade my life for hers for anything. It may seem all glamourous but Audrina goes thru hell to live the life she does. I love doing my own dishes and watering my garden. 

I will answer all and any questions you have about the tv show, each and every episode. openly and honestly. I will never lie to you because I don't have an agenda. 


  1. Sorry about the lack of creative criticism.

    Honestly, I'm only watching the show because you're going to be on it. I find you to be very interesting and not unlike my closest friends. Like my friends, you have an unconventional appearance and as a result, you're unfairly judged for it. Kyle is an extremely lucky mofo. Not because of your physical appearance...but because you're a genuine person and genuine people are an endangered species these days.

    As for Audrina, I can look in pictures and tell that she's a genuinely sweet gal who's just trying to make her way in the world. And I love her name. Audrina's just a totally awesome and unique name. I don't know what kind of guys she goes for, but if she's ever in Chicago, I would like to go out for a cup of tea & deep conversation with her.

    tl;dr version - It's going to be nice to see real people on VH1. Real people who aren't going through rehab.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being completely content and fulfilled being a mom. I wouldn't trade snuggling with my babes at night over an club experience. You seem like a really mature, well rounded person.

  3. This made me so happy to read. My heart melted. I'm only watching the show to see you, sorry if that sounds creepy but I've been following your blog for ages. Will Kyle be on the show at all? I want to see you two together! I am so incredibly proud of you. But what is going on with the make up line? Still working on it, I hope? =)

  4. I just started watching the show today and I am like the others on here that say I started watching to see you! I dont know if you remember but our husbands were getting tattooed at the same time about 2 years ago! haha. It was at hart and huntington in vegas. I could stop looking at your tattoos, I love them! I love your love for your family and God. You have a beautiful family and it is such a blessing to be content and happy.

    I met kyle's cousin Sheena a few weeks ago. She came and led worship at the camp I work at. She is a pretty awesome person. :)

  5. You are awesome! Like others here, I mainly wanted to watch the show because you are on it. I've always like your sister, I think she's a sweet, nice girl even when people are being mean to her...she's not catty like alot of girls are. But you are my favorite most of all. I don't know why anyone would think you are jealous of your sister, because you seem perfectly happy with your life....your kids and you're wonderful husband. I think you are both lucky to have each other. I love your style and your rock! don't let anyone tell you different =D

  6. Hi Casey,I luv your unfiltered honesty & that you walk in faith not only in words but in everything you do,what an inspiration you are! I have a question..I havn't seen the episode coz i live in Australia but going from Corey's tweets it seems the real reason they broke up was not portrayed in truth on the may not have liked him as a person but knowing drina is producing it means her part in the breakdown will never be shown publicly...question 2...the rift you mentioned drina had with Lauren...was that about the Justin saga? or was that yet another scripted scene? I just hope people aren't being slaughtered on the show,like yourself for the sake of $$$ & publicity..& I hope the show doesn't cause further tension in your family...if ya'll wana watch real reality national geographic! xoxo

  7. Ive been reading your blog for a long time so i know your Not the spoiled bratty sister they have tried to make you look like. I know you love your family so no disrespect to them but Audrina is putting on a fake innocent act and making you out to be the "bad child" and thats such a joke because how can you be that bad when your at home taking care of your fucking kids? and she's out partying the hollywood life. And your mom does seem more like audrina than you, shes the argumentative drama queen, you just sat there and they jumped down your throat. It was obvious to me Audrina ONLY asked your mom to go to the fashion week thing in front of you to get a reaction from you, for her show. I feel bad for you having to deal with all this bull shit and these fake ass ppl.

  8. Just a quick word, that post made me see you as the person you always are seeming to be. No fluff not BS straight forward and that is awesome. I love reading your tweets and blog and cant wait to try out elizabeth knight. Keep on being you, cause thats what your fans want.

  9. Very interesting family dynamics portrayed. And you can see how they are going to be skewed throughout the season. I'm sorry if I'm wrong because I'd hate to paint someone incorrectly, but in virtually every scene of the first episode and in the scenes so far of upcoming episodes, your mom appears to be inebriated. Her speech seems slurred & she seems either overly argumentative or a bit out of it. Does she have a drinking problem? Or does she have some other medical issue that presents with symptoms like slurred speech? I'm glad to have found your blog & found that there is much more to you than meets the eye. I am someone that tends to 'revert' to my childhood self when I'm around my family, too.

  10. Couldn't agree more, being a mom is worth a trillion times more to me than a measly 15 min's of fame!

  11. You are amazing! I watch this show 100% for you and it's so nice to see more of you (the snipits from the Hills made me love you!)

    Your attitude and spirit are amazing. I can't imagine anything more real, in the best way possible!

  12. I want to hear more about this bookclub idea?!

  13. Being a mother and a wifeis THEEEEE most difficult job in the entire world, but it is the bestthing ever at the same time. All of my friends are still partying, dating, super involved in their careers, and sometimes I feel bad because I don't see them bc I don't party anymore, but then I look at why I don't go out anymore. I have a beautiful little girl to raise, and nothing else matters. I think you have a beautiful life with your babies and your hubby. Congratulations on your success, bc being a wife and mother IS an amazing success <3

  14. I have to say that I watched the show the other night for the first time, and I believe that you are doing the right thing by walking away from your mom. When someone as lovely and positive as you are gets slammed in such an aggressive and negative way there really is no choice. You are amazing, bright, and beautiful with a very loving husband and your kids are going to grow up in a wonderful house. Stay positive.

  15. oooh!!! I would join a bookclub, I kind of need to be pushed to read more novels. Lately I've been reading more "fluffy" types of novels..

  16. I wish I had a sister... even with everything.
    Hahaha white sheep... can't be easy reading crap. honestly, think about it...ppl have nothing to do and think what should I do in my spare time? I'm goign to be an ass and judge someone I don't know (well you know maybe not EXACTLY like that).
    avoid reading that bull its so toxic

  17. Your the best part of that show and the only reason I watch! Your so inspiring to me because I have a very similar relationship with my mom and you handle the way your mom treats you so amazingly. Your family should treat you better because you really seem like a nice person and a good mom. Thank you for showing me that its possible to survive a CRAZY mother

  18. You inspire me to be a better person. Thank you :)

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  20. I just started to watch the show, because in Europe it is kinda a new!
    And I just wanted to say that i know how you feel , besause i have the same problem with my mother! She never listens to me, and always thinks that she is right and her decisions are the right ones, and she never can truly support me , and talk to me! I`m never good enought for her and it is killing me inside, it hurt really badly! I can try as hard as i can , but there is always something wrong!
    And last night when i watched the show i had tears in my eyes ,because that all seems so similar to my life and relationship with mom!
    So ,stay strong and i wish you all the best,because you are 100000 times better than what people say!
    Cheers!A :)

  21. Hi Casey,

    I have only just discovered Audrina had her own series here in Australia and loved it on so many levels. I felt I could relate to it, to you in particular... we have something in common... our mothers!

    Watching your mum was like watching mine, seeing your family communicate was like seeing my own families dynamics.

    I'm 36 and have finally found the answer... Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD. My GP suggested it to me after learning about my mum. I have been researching and reading various books on it and have learnt the reasons behind her behavior and how to handle it etc.

    I made the decision on Boxing Day to distance myself from mum, even though I have many times before... this is indefinitely or until she starts to take responsibility for her own actions, which I doubt she ever will.

    I suggest, after watching your mum, that she may have BPD also, however I am not a therapist. I figured since it's happening with you that you would feel some relief in finding some answer to her behavior.

    "Stop Walking On Egg Shells" was a great book and has many references and sites to follow up on.

    You're awesome, stay true xxx