Monday, July 12, 2010

Elizabeth Knight

I have settled upon the perfect name for my makeup line. 
I decided to give eternal life to my best friend who was tragically killed 2 years ago in a car accident, the man who hit her car head on was going the wrong way on the freeway entrance. I was having thinking about how shallow the whole concept felt, sure my plan is to provide girls with quality makeup for super affordable prices. That just wasn't doing enough for me, I felt like I had to give something more. Therefore against every business person's advice I am going to be giving a percentage of everything made to charity. I think of it as girls using beauty to fight drunk driving. 

My best friend's name was Ashley Elizabeth Knight Nelson, and she was stunning! She was the blonde version of a silly highschool casey. We didn't care about boys, or any of the drama everyone else was concerned with. We loved to have fun together, go to warped tour and start dance parties in the middle of the mosh pits, we were their for each other during the toughest times of teenage years, the first loves, the first heartbreaks.. we were nice to everyone, it just wasn't in our nature to be snobby chicks, she religiously wore her retainer and looked even cuter in combination with her eyeglasses.

I was 8 months pregnant with Sadie when she was murdered, and I DO consider it murder. It is no accident for a drunk guy to get in his car and drive, he only got 10 years in prison. The hardest part is forgiving him,  he has to live with the fact he took one of the smartest, funniest, most beautiful and secure women from this Earth.  She still has my promise ring from my 16th birthday. 

please please be the one at the party who hides the drunkards car keys. If no one can drive and there is an emergency get everyone to pitch in for a cab, or call your mom! 

I hope you all love what I have been working on, and please keep sending in photos of yourselves for modeling! I need your lovely faces, can't do it without you <3

this is the photo on her headstone. 


  1. Love the name&the story behind it <3

    Would you have to live in your area to send in a photo?

  2. this post totally made me cry. it's so admirable to go for your dreams no matter what. can't wait to hear more about the line!

  3. You really do know how to make a man cry! this post brought up so much emotion that I haven't felt in years..Elizabeth is looking down on you right now smiling..your truly doing a remarkable thing doing this in her honor! Your the type of person/friend people don't come across often.

  4. She is gorgeous and what a beautiful way for her to be remembered and to spread awareness.

  5. That is the perfect name for the most perfect reason. My cousin also died due to drunk driving. I fully support your cause and I will purchase your makeup for this reason alone. Keep up the fabulous work!!!!

  6. Hello Casey,
    After reading this specific post you inspired me to make a blog and start writing for my own reasons again. I say that I hate writing but that's only when a professor is making me write a million page paper or something I have no interest in.
    I am the twitter follower of yours that said I love your blog and inspires me
    to get on- just like a throwback to those xanga days!
    So thank you for being an interesting Twitter and blog writer and an inspiration!

  7. WOW! That is so sad... I'm so sorry. I thank you for doing what you are doing. That's amazing.

    How do I send over some photos?