Thursday, July 29, 2010

X games 16

By far the best group of dudes in freestyle, anyone name them all? How about what tricks they invented? Who wants to see some x games behind the scenes blogging tomorrow? :)

Today we went down to the los angeles coliseum and kyle registered and did a bunch of interviews, ill post the stuff they did for shark week if I can find any online. On another note how rad is it that there is a race for adaptive racers? One of the coolest races to watch in my opinion!

It seems like everyone is down and out this year in moto world, best trick is left to a bunch of unheard of dudes trying to pull double backflips and frontflips... Let's pray it doesn't turn into a crashfest.

What are your guys' favorite Xgames competitions? Ill be back out there tomorrow, what do you want me to get my digital eyes on?
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  1. Kyle is one of my favorites of course! And Travis Pastrana! I would love If you could get lots of pics of kyle making history by winning best trick 4 times, and of Travis winning the most gold out of any other competitor in history! Thanks Casey, I like idolize you btw! haha

  2. LOVE SHARK WEEK!!! Ill be happy to see anything seeing as how i cant make it tomorrow. Sending positive thoughts, vibes, and prayers to all the boys! Have fun out there. BE SAFE!