Thursday, June 17, 2010

father scorpion

Nothing like taking a little aggression out on some beer bottles in the middle of the desert! I don't know what it is but there is something magical about taking the motorhome out to the middle of nowhere and setting up camp with the family and a group of good friends. Bonfires, target practice, bringing out the bikes, staring up into the most beautiful night sky imaginable! I haven't rode a dirt bike (kyle thinks it's funny to do tricks with me on the back) in 7 years and I decided it would be relaxing to go explore with Kyle and see if I remember how to shift gears haha. He just had surgery not even a month ago but feels like he is ready to get back on the bike and test out his new arm so we're gonna head out for Father's Day weekend. I'm bringing my camera and a mini closet full.. I'm a little insecure but ready for my post baby body fashion photo blogs to begin..


  1. you have no reason to feel insecure...your are beautiful :)

  2. this is for the upcoming Q&A you mentioned on twitter:
    1. How did you meet Kyle? Were you with him when you last were featured on the Hills?
    2. My favorite cameos yet on the Hills are by Charlie. Do you know him? Is he just as phony as Justin Bobby?
    3. Also, the blogosphere is rampant with questions about Allie Lutz, do you have any thoughts on her? Who exactly is she??
    4. Do you plan on having more children?
    5. Do MTV producers ask you for more appearances on the show? When will Audrina's show pop up?

    many thanks.

  3. What is your next tattoo going to be?

  4. thanks to you, I have set up my own blog as well. Seeing yours made me want one! haha. I think you are so beautiful, and what a bunch of awesomeness all over your body. I love it.