Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't tell my sister...

Audrina has been busy cleaning out her closets, yes she has three of them, and she has been gradually giving me a TON of amazing stuff.. these gorgeous BRAND NEW Brian Atwoods, I think she wore them for a photo shoot or something, don't fit me... I thought perhaps I could force them to since they are 800 dollar shoes, but I will sell them for 500.. but it's just not happening. Slingbacks you have to buy a size bigger so if anyone is a size 37 aka 7US and wants to talk to me about buying them... leave a comment or email me. And whoever buys them please send a picture of how you styled them and I'll post it! xo


  1. I wear the right size....xoxoxo

  2. just my size! i'm going to bid $20!
    it's a long shot, but hopefully i'm not outbid. i'm soon to be a stay at home mom and i just can't afford it....
    PS. i'm 6 months pregnant, and ur such an inspiration for me, being a young mom of two (this will be my second baby!) and just living the dream...

  3. is this still going on?
    I would like to bid $50...another long shot!
    i was just looking for nude shoes...and these.are.perfect.

    i would wear them with a green (army colour) dress...and would love to show them off on my blog---

  4. Those shoes are incredibly cute, but they seem to high for me, im 5'5 and ill be taller than my boyfriend if i put those on, he's 5'8.. oh well =)im sure you wont have any problem selling them, if they havent sold already!

  5. ^ you girls are crazy!!
    they are $800 shoes... $500 is a good deal and she didn't ask for offers haha.

    if i felt like i could walk properly in those, i would be all over them ;)