Monday, August 16, 2010

light it up, slowwww downnnnn

so I did a photoshoot with skinnie magazine for their november issue last week... I feel really weird cuz they talked me into wearing a swimsuit, mostly because the boss and this amazing woman michelle designed and hand made it, but this was the photo my makeup artist took in the bathroom when we were getting me all bronzy with elizabeth knight. the actual bikini photos are not as revealing i am in a weird hammock and you can only see my face and forearms.. hopefully they turn out cool. i am NOT a model. so i started cracking up when the photographer actually said the words "seduce the camera" I was LIKE NO WAY you guys actually say that??? i thought it was only in the movies hahahaha... wellll... anyways. i love my husband, this was the photo i sent him to get the thumbs up on wearing a bathing suit in public. i don't actually look that good, its the angle. don't be fooled i am a mama.

ok i am still reading all of the entries for the elizabeth knight giveaway! you guys rule!

oh and I made a new lipstick strictly for this fall.. it's called undercover lover and it's super gothic maroon. ive been wearing it all day everyday, blue ashbury's and maroon lipstick are actually an amazing combo....

k happy birthday to me in the last photo, my last minute birthday started rad as we went to see one of my very dear  friends beau play with his band bless the fall at the paladium... and then after dinner it just sucked super hard, about five minutes after the last photo was taken i was crying in drais nightclub because i got yelled at by my super drunk friend for her ex boyfriend telling me happy birthday....but it got really good once it was kyle, me, our best friends jeremy and carly all in our hotel room in bed watching movies and stuffing our faces with room service...


love you all. i can't wait to share my passion of beautifulness with you. i almost want to launch elizabeth knight in europe first! everyone help me get to paris, i need to meet some real women all over the world.
ciao <3


  1. ahhh, I just love love love reading your blogs! and don't be so modest, you are such an inspirational person to so many people!


  2. please please please do it in Europe! xx

  3. Don't forget Australia..!! =D

    And you look bloody amazing. Hope I look half, even a quarter as good as you do after babies. You definitely are an inspiration.

    x x x x liv