Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elizabeth knight

I've been getting lots of emails lately asking where when why how etc about getting ahold of elizabeth knight... As of right now the line is not available for purchase. I'm a perfectionist and want to be 110 percent certain that the final product represents my vision exactly. BUT I feel like I can't be stingy with my prototypes and samples... Since all my close friends and family have been wiping me out (which I love) I want to give you guys a sneak peek as well.... So let's do a giveaway!! Here are the rules...
1. There are none.. Hahahaha
Whoever is interested I want you to create something that transpires the meaning of what beauty means to you..
Be completely honest and don't hold anything back. It can be a photo, drawing, poem, essay, even an act of kindness- do something that impacts anothers life in a big way and write about your experience.... I will then pick the top ten and send the winners a mystery elizabeth knight product. Mind you these are prototype packaging with experimental logo placement but the actual makeup is to die for. Not really, I would never in a million years condone dying for makeup.

K love you all little sugar medallions. Good luck! The wait won't be much longer...
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  1. Choose to be positive
    Choose to love
    Choose to be at peace with yourself
    Choose to do the contrary
    Choose to evolve
    Choose to be different
    Choose to make a difference
    Choose to be yourself
    Choose to create a fashion statement

  2. Where do we send these entries, Miss Casey?

  3. Great idea for a give away. You are the most unselfish person I know. I wish I knew you for real. I need more people in my life like you. And ditto to the question above :)

  4. This is beauty to me.
    Sunday Mornings.

  5. Beauty is the confidence within yourself and having the ability to appreciate who you truly are.
    Beauty is art, dance, fashion,
    Beauty is feeling comfortable,
    Beauty is being silly, and not caring what others think,
    Beauty is believing that you are beautiful, and to accept that it's ok to be different.
    Beauty is expression,



  6. I recently rediscovered the meaning of true beauty this past year, during my first year as a teacher. I taught first grade in an area where a majority of the families are living in poverty. I know, as a teacher, I imparted a lot of knowledge on these little ones, but probably not near as much as they taught me! ---After little time with these babies, I began to realize that they were so happy and content even without the latest toys or clothes. I came to a conclusion that children see the world differently than most adults do. As adults, we tend to become so wrapped up in the busyness & troubles of our lives that we forget to stop and appreciate the small things in life. We often, without thinking, pass judgments based on stereotypes or "norms". Children find the beauty in all things and people. They appreciate the small things in life such as a flower, rainbows, or helping others. They pass no judgment on people and are typically worry free as they trust that they will be taken care of. It is because of them that I challenge myself each day to do two things: 1) give my worries to God, knowing He will take care of me, and 2) slow down and view the world through the eyes of a child in order to see the true beauty in life.

  7. so stoked for this beauty line!

    i work for sprinkles cupcakes and we give as many of our leftover cupcakes as we can to the salvation army but there are usually many leftovers even after doing so. lately a girl i work with and i have been taking some leftovers and distributing them to the homeless people on the streets. i've never seen people light up like they do. i really think a smile says it all. whether someone is the most gorgeous person in the world or just your average joe; if they're smiling its contagious. that's beauty to me.

    p.s my boyfriend twittered you to get tattooed by kyle. he's honestly trying to plan a trip to california to do so. you really got his hopes up. you two are SO inspiring!

    my email is just incase :)

  8. This is my idea...Love = Beauty.

    These are 2 of my most favorite men in the world. Love and family play a big part in beauty to me. I know that they love me unconditionally and that to me makes me beautiful. Everything isn't always peaches and sunshine in our life, and we make it work together. We are a family and knowing he has my back and loves me just the way i am makes me the luckiest girl in the world. Plus my cat thinks I'm one Bad-Ass Chick.. He could care less how i look, he just wants to be with me. What more could i ask for?

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  9. Beauty is an acceptance of imperfection.

  10. beauty = my mother


    This is an idea of beauty to me. The Heidelberg Project, an energetic and positive artistic effort created to turn abandoned, left for dead eye sore neighborhoods of Detroit into something interesting, something people want to look at. It's taking something lost and forgotten and making a positive. It allows people to appreciate the flaws, the imperfections and the beauty beneath all the hardship. Not only is it a representation of what people in the city have gone through, but it's a way to give them hope and strike a positive cord when the times are tough and looking down. :)


    This is beauty to me; it's me and my older sister. She's the one sitting down.
    I think this is beauty, because my sister is beautiful, and I think our bond is beautiful. (You should know where I'm coming from, seen as you yourself have a sister.)
    It's such a wonderful thing, because not only is she my sister, but she is my best friend, I trust her with my life.

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  13. For me, superficial beauty is often seen with the eyes, but REAL, TRUE, HONEST, beauty comes from within a person’s soul. It's having the confidence and the desire to *want* to make a difference. Obviously Casey, you're beautiful on the outside, but if you talked trash on people and carried yourself with no sense of respect, you'd be a pretty F'in raunchy person. I can feel your true beauty when you talk about charity, prayer, giving to others, loving your body as a temple, being kind to the less fortunate, not being influenced by negativity, etc, etc... I am also a mother (of 3) and regardless of how happy my family makes me, this past year I've felt empty in certain areas of my life. I have this STONG desire to help people. So over the past few months I've begun to volunteer (in the community and at church), I'm seriously thinking of adoption, and in the meantime I'm spending all of my spare time at our local Children's home. Just this past Monday we held a fundraiser to benefit a sick toddler and in just a few hours we raised about $2000. These are the things that truly make me FEEL beautiful. And the make-up is just a little treat to pamper myself in between =) Love ya!