Friday, September 3, 2010

Elizabeth Knight

read the part about eye liner! =) 


  1. wow thats so cool! congrats! can't wait to try it!

  2. so amazing :)
    you must be so excited!
    please let us know when these products are available

  3. Congratulations!! Julie Benz looked fabulous for the Emmy's as well - you should be so so proud!

  4. Love your blog, cant wait to try your makeup line. I thought of a great topic for future post that i would love to hear yours views on (being a fellow highly tattooed woman). I was wondering if you face some of the "judgement" as i do- the filthy looks, people thinking you are a criminal or bad person because you are a woman with tons of tattoos...Also how it effects us in the career world, and most of all as a mom. Just being married this past May and wanting to start a family in the next few years, do you ever fear that your children will be embarrassed of you, or made fun of by other children for your ink? And how will parents of your childrens friends react once they are of school age? Will they not want your children hanging out together bc of the judgements? I sincerely hope not- these are all things i hope do not happen in my future. But i wanted to know if you ever think of these things and how you will deal with them if they happen. I hope as the years pass, we will see more acceptance of highly tattooed women and not receive any negative jugement....To me, having tatoos is like having a different skin color,ethnicity or a disability- it is who you are and makes you unique and great, not something anyone should discriminate against...You should only be judged on the person you are inside, and how you treat others

  5. please blog more casey... :-(

  6. Lo que tu estas haciendo, es mi sueño. :)
    Mucho éxito con tu linea de productos casey!
    cariños Yvette P.